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Early Learning Programs

Early Learning Programs


Through our “Learning Through Play”, “Experiential Learning” and “Learning by Doing” approaches, we surround children with learning opportunities. We develop and grow basic academic skills, ignite children’s natural curiosity to learn, explore and discover. Our comprehensive curriculum is research based, developmentally sequenced to cultivate skills that lead to success in school and beyond. As teachers identify children’s interests, strengths and level of development, they add materials to the classroom and prepare engaging activities incorporating language and literacy, math, science, technology, engineering concepts and skill building.


This early childhood developmental program is specially designed to expose toddlers to the skills necessary for preschool. Our themed classes introduce young children to various topics, like numbers, colors, shapes, animals, transport, family, nature, feelings, human body and more. Children will participate in an array of constructive activities and sensory experiences designed to stimulate the brain and promote social, emotional, physical, language, creative, and intellectual development.

Each class is unique and includes music & dance, rhymes, LEGO®, puzzles, educational toys, story sessions and props. Children also learn how to follow directions, share, take turns, manage their emotions and interact with others.


This program engages children in exploration of air, sea, land, and space travel, places and landmarks around the world, global communities, animal classes and their environments, such as deserts, oceans, grasslands, and woodlands. Children will design and build different types of vehicles, towers, bridges, walls and buildings, while learning about ways of building structures, concepts of balance, stability, and forces. They will learn to classify, estimate, and measure.

Key learning values of the program: introduction to science and technology; understanding of early engineering concepts; early math concepts, such as problem solving, simple addition, subtraction, patterns, spatial awareness, measuring, sequencing, grouping, and language & literacy.


The learning environment is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where children refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through playful, hands-on learning experiences and role play, children will explore the world of nature, animals and their habitats, insects, modes of transport, community, professions, and food. Children will deepen their understanding of the environment, relationships, roles and responsibilities, feelings and needs of others.

Key learning values of the program: shapes, colors, matching, counting, alphabet, simple addition, patterns, and problem solving. By constructing models, fairy tale characters, and story scenes, children will develop social, language, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and collaboration skills.


STEM concepts are the core of this learning program. Children will explore ways in which people and things move, learn about famous inventions around the world, solve mathematical problems, investigate simple machines in their home and local community, and design and build their own LEGO® models using screw drivers, gears, axles, wheels, and pulleys. This program combines problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation with simple explorations of geographical facts, science and mathematical concepts.

Key learning values of the program: simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, patterns, symmetry, measuring, problem solving; encyclopedic knowledge; understanding of STEM concepts.