The ArkidTects


Early Childhood Development – The Key to a School Ready Child

The preschool years lay the foundation for children’s future character and academic success. We, at The ArKidtects, embrace a holistic learning approach to support social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development of the child, to give him/her the best start to a bright future. Our specially designed early childhood development programs incorporate hands-on, playful learning experiences infused with academic concepts to engage young minds to unlock their true potential.

Children naturally use their curiosity and instincts to explore, experiment, observe, learn, and play. They are constantly exploring the world around them, testing, experimenting and thinking like young scientists. By using LEGO® Education resources, STEM Toys, and developmentally appropriate materials in our classes, we enable every student to succeed academically and develop fundamental skills for school and beyond. Our learning programs align with many approaches to early childhood education with focus on brain development and intellectual advancement. There is always something special awaiting you and your child at The ArKidtects. The possibilities are endless!

The Importance of Early Brain Development

Brain development in early childhood is extremely important as it sets the stage for the rest of the child’s life. And how a young child’s brain develops impacts their future abilities to learn and succeed in school. By the time a child is five years old, most of their brain has already developed - which means the progression from birth to school is the most important time of their lives. Neurological research shows that brain development from birth to age five is more aggressive than at any other point in a person’s life, even though our brains continue to grow through adulthood.

Playful hands-on, sensory activities allow young children to explore their world through their five senses, especially the sense of touch. Tactile learning and touch is essential for a child’s growth in physical abilities, cognitive and language skills, and even social and emotional development. In the early years of child’s development, it’s very important to expose young children to tactile activities and allow them to use their fingers to gather information about their surroundings. The building block of human brain is – neurons. Our fingertips are endowed with a high number of nerve endings and are extremely sensitive to all tactile stimuli. When children play and build with LEGO® bricks, they continuously exercise their fingertips and hand muscles building millions of new neuron connections. Neurons interconnect with each other through Synapses. Brain stores experiences in these synapses. A dynamic environment that activates neurons and synapses can uniquely shape a child. Just as exercise makes muscle stronger, “learning by doing” makes brain stronger.

We, at The ArKidtects, create an engaging learning environment in which high-quality synapse connections are formed to set a foundation for life long learning and success in studies, career and life. In our Learning Centre, children use LEGO® bricks as a key tool, by learning how each piece fits together and seeing what they can make is a valuable challenge to the mind. It helps children develop their intelligence by allowing them to better understand their environment and how they can control and comprehend it.