The ArkidTects



Our children will grow into a world where skills like critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, communication, creativity and collaboration will be vital for success. What are we doing to prepare them?

STEM and 21st-century skills have become essential for a successful career. Our passion for STEM Education and our love for children propelled us to create The ArKidtects. Our goal is to provide children with the opportunity to learn STEM subjects, Robotics and Coding in a new engaging way, by expanding on what they are already learning in school. We offer hands-on, project-based learning experiences that expose children to the skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Our learning programs are designed for children aged between 6 and 16 years, and to ignite their interest in subjects like mathematics, coding, engineering, science, physics and technology. We use LEGO® Education Robotics Kits to make abstract STEM concepts tangible by taking teaching out of the textbooks and putting it into the hands of our students.

A major aspect of learning through Robotics is the ability to solve a problem by trying and failing, till one succeeds. By building, designing, and testing solutions, students work as young scientists and engineers, at the same time honing design technology, science, and math skills. They learn and apply their knowledge in STEM, preparing to be future problem solvers and innovators.


  • Align with school curriculum to make learning more relevant and comprehensive, and to succeed personally and academically
  • Use real world problems to engage students and contextualize learning that teaches science, engineering, technology, computer science, and mathematics
  • Empower children to deepen their understanding of challenging subjects and how things work in the world
  • Bring alive abstract, difficult to learn, and difficult to teach math and science concepts through hands-on lessons
  • Encourage children to develop critical and analytical thinking, creativity, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, decision making and collaboration skills
  • Provide students with the opportunity to participate in local, national and international robotics competitions like World Robot Olympiad, FIRST LEGO League & FIRST LEGO League Junior, Indian Robot Olympiad and other.